Daria Shy

Daria Shy

The beautiful Dania Shy is undeniably one of the hottest Russian models of today. In fact, her followers on Instagram exceed 13 million with many of them being international. And her beauty definitely knows no borders.

Nevertheless, her career took off by accident following an amazing photo-shoot, where she just wanted to take nice looking photos. And judging from her fame, we all liked her idea of a nice looking photo.
So in this write-up, we’re going to get you more acquainted with Dania and give you the low down on all you need to know. Let’s go!

For one thing, Dania Shy is a model, a wife, and an avid photographer. When she is not out posing for amazing photos and rocking the runways she can be found behind the camera instead of in front of one which makes her even more lovable.
Some curious facts:
Nationality: Russian Place of Birth: St. Petersburg in the great land Russia Date of Birth:: 13th day of June 1989

Furthermore, her list of accomplishments is long and glamorous. In fact, she has been doing all the right things.
Whereas we all know her as a fashion model from St. Petersburg, Russia but did you know that she was also a finalist in Ms. Maxim? As a matter of fact, she was also Miss Moscow City Face and was featured in Playboy Russia and Playboy Nederland (Netherlands).
And to add to her accolades, she is a Stag Party Projects model and she was also a participant of the Reality Show “Instagrammashchitsy.” Nevertheless, she has been published in numerous magazines and her Instagram posts are seen by millions globally on a daily basis.
So it’s safe to say that she has been doing quite well for herself. Kudos Daria!

So how old is Dania Shy and when was she born? Let’s put it this way, if you are born on the 13th June, you share your birthday with one of the most gorgeous women alive.
Dada was born on Tuesday, June 13th, 1989 in St. Petersburg, Russia. So whenever you wake up on the morning of every 13th June – remember Dada!

With over 1.3 million followers, she is by far no stranger to the spotlight. And her followers dote on every post, making her an influencer to watch out for.
It is amazing how her beauty and awesome pics are boundless. Also, her numerous pictures are liked and shared repeatedly by her followers. And the fact that she was spirited to fame via her Instagram page speaks for itself.
It just goes to show that a beauty like hers transcends boundaries and if you want to see beauty check out Dada Shy’s Instagram. So below is her Insta page, be sure to follow her.

When we look at Daria’s stats, the first word which comes to mind is “impressive!” Although impressive does not really begin to describe how flawless she really is.
With measurements of 35-24-25, her body ratio is impeccable. And no wonder she is so successful. Standing at 5 feet 10 inches, she is the picture of female perfection.
Furthermore, her mantra for life is nestled in the belief in doing more and thinking less. Needless to say, we can imagine that is how she started her career as a successful model.
So as a model and Instagram starlet, Dania is pretty influential in her own right. Here are some of her stats:
Measurements: 35-24-35 US / 90-61-90 EU Height: 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm) Hair Color: Dazzling Brown Eye Color: Sparkling Blue Dress Size: 4 US / 36 EU Show Size: 8 US / 39 EU

First, have you seen her? If you have, then you know that “hot” does not start to describe this goddess. She is definitely one of the hottest models out there. And her level of hotness is undisputable.
The fact that she is also Russian adds to her exotic appeal, making us all want to be her.

With many subreddits dedicated to her, it is almost as though there was a creation of a shrine to celebrate her hotness. And a quick search on reddit for her will reveal just what her fans think of her; and it is not all innocent.
Likewise, the reddit posts about her are exotic and show that men love her just as much as her female followers.

When it comes to modeling Darla is an expert though she has never undergone any official training. Dana Shy is a model of international repute. And she thoroughly views herself as the world-class model we all know she is. With beauty like hers who needs formal training? In summary, Dana Shy’s portfolio is extraordinary as she casts a wide net over her career. Although she is a model by profession, she uses social media as a platform to showcase her talents and her beauty to the world. And she is sure to continue to expand as she exposes herself worldwide.

Her fans flock to the wild to post and edit important information about her keeping us all up to date with what is happening in her life. So you may ask yourself what could you find on her wild page that you don’t already know. Well, try knowing her size and measurements or the size of her waist, details on her amazing physique can be seen as well as her likes and dislikes.