Nicole Thorne

Nicole Thorne

Age: 28, born 2 December 1990 Country of origin: Australia Currently Residing In: United States Height: 5′ 7″ Relationship Status: Single

International Australian model who became a prominent figure in the lingerie and swim industries. She’s been a published model for popular men’s magazine Maxim. She was asked by friends to help model for their personal projects and it grew from there. She has amassed more than 290,000 Instagram followers and growing.

Nicole Thorne is known for her work on Dead Weekend (2014), L.A.C.E. (2009) and Unanswered (2010).

Every once in awhile, as you’re idly scrolling through Instagram, you happen upon something. OK, you happen upon someone. She’s cute — no, she’s outright gorgeous — and you can’t stop scrolling deeper through the sexy shots populating her profile. That’s what exactly what’s about to happen with Brisbane beauty Nicole Thorne.

The Australia-based model is a fixture of the lingerie and swim industries. As a result, she rightfully gets quite a few propositions by guys who come across her on Instagram or elsewhere. Her advice to potential suitors? If you want to get with her, you’ll have to be yourself.

“Honestly I think the biggest obstacle males face is listening to everyone else’s advice that have no interest in if the ‘relationship’ works or not,” Thorne told The Acquiring Man in an interview. “They need to follow their own instincts more. Honest heartfelt actions go a lot further than mimicking someone else’s moves.”

So that strange date suggestion or unutual outfit you let your friends talk you out of? Go for it. Who knows, you could end up with a babe like Thorne just by letting your true colors show.